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This Post is not About Snow

Although there is a fair dusting of it about. Believe me, it’s take every fibre of my being to restrain my natural English desire to talk about the weather. I mean look at it! There’s just so much of it. So much weather. Everywhere. Let us just accept that snow has occurred and as always, it has been a divisive issue. I come to you today to talk to you about another matter entirely. For this weekend I did something which could possibly be considered terminally inadvisable. I went onto the Book of Faces and I made a page for the blog. Because that’s what people apparently do these days.


Facebook cares not for the capitalisation of proper nouns.

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Reporting In

So here we are. It’s Monday again and I’m shattering this radio silence. I’m shattering it like a milk bottle in a tumble dryer filled with bricks. A great many things have happened over the last couple of weeks, none of which I might add were entirely planned. But as Helmuth von Moltke the Elder’s adage goes “no plan survives contact with the enemy.” Whether the enemy in question is myself remains a matter of debate. The lease on my old flat was due to expire at the end of February. Rather understandably I wanted to try and find a new place to live sooner rather than later. I had originally booked this coming week off from work to do house hunting, but a quick speculative jaunt to look at a flat 2 weeks ago, just to “get a feel” for the market again set wheels in motion. Terrifying, terrifying wheels. Now 2 weeks later I’m in a new flat, I’ve moved, I’ve unpacked, the internet is even up and running. So that’s a load off my mind, I can take a deep cleansing breath and no longer have to worry about my central nervous system tearing its way out of my body screaming “I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE! LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT!”

So that’s nice.

I possess many things…

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Going Dark

The radio is dead, the frequencies awash with a white noise hiss a sound perversely organic in its deadness. Then through this sea of audio nothing comes a voice, quiet and broken, on an unending loop:

… moved house…
…going dark…
…radio silence…
…my god…the boxes…
…they’re everywhere…

Our Leviathan

Humanity has always had a propensity to look upwards, to gaze into the night sky and all of its unfathomable infinity. We try in vain the get our heads around just how mind bogglingly huge it is. Some of us spend nights lying awake simply from the knowledge that it’s there, in all of its terrifying enormity. But for all its long-eye stargazing, humanity oft misses things right beneath its collective noses. For on this island earth of ours we have created a colossal thing also of unfathomable size, perhaps not to quite the same magnitude as the entire vista of creation but still fairly big. And what makes it even more mind-blowing is the fact that we did it almost by accident: piecemeal, day by day we have added to it and let it grow and it has become a titan far beyond even the most outlandish and fevered dreams of its creators. This thing of which I speak is the internet and it just keeps on getting bigger.

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In the past I have made my opinions on eBooks very clear, I’ve waxed lyrical about the virtues of bookmarksand my joy and delight in all things solid and real. This love for solidity and realism has made me realise something about which I didn’t bring up in my initial tirade against them, something which in essence is far removed from a simple personal preference, something which has slightly sinister overtones. The rise of the internet and the relentless march of technology and data which followed has made a profound impact on modern life, it has changed the very way we view the world. This change isn’t static either, it’s a change that continues to evolve and shape society. I’m just not entirely sure if it’s a good thing any more.


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Opiate of the Masses

This missive comes to you from the blasted wastelands of Berkshire. My last post came amidst the uncertainty of a move to strange new lands and the availability of the sweet, sweet balm of the internet super highway. Continue reading