I’m sure over the years everyone’s heard the expression “a picture paints a thousand words.” That’s more or less the jist of it. I’m quite certain that this idea has never been attempted before ever in the history of the world (it has), and it is entirely my own idea free from outside influence (it’s not). Simply put, once a month I will post a picture. We all then have a good sit down and think about it before coming back a month later with a short story about a thousand words long using that picture as inspiration. Should anyone else actually join in with me I’ll put handy-dandy little links to wherever they’ve posted their work. Then we will all feel warm and fuzzy inside that we all wrote something. We can ooh and aah at what everyone else wrote and perhaps catch a glimpse into the workings of their fevered brains.

So with the images at our disposal let’s crank the story-forge up to eleven, dial into the imagination exchange and set the word banks to maximal…


(The Pictonaut Challenge ran from September 2011 until February 2015)

Full Pictonauts


September 2011 – Grenade in the Rain

October 2011 – The Writing on the Wall

November 2011 – The Sphere

December 2011 – The Psychedelic Lady


January 2012 – The Reliquary

February 2012 – Faces in the Woods

March 2012 – Any Direction

April 2012 – Business as Usual

May 2012 – The Starwatcher

June 2012 – A Place in the Country

July 2012 – The Wheel in the Sky

August 2012 – A Man Drinks Tea

September 2012 – The Journey

October 2012 – Hail Traveller

November 2012 – The Grid

December 2012 – Leviathan


January 2013 – Plodding On

February 2013 – Dead Places

March 2013 – Going For a Walk

April 2013 – Office Warfare

May 2013 – Music Box

June 2013 – The Tower on the Hill

July 2013 – Sand Sea

August 2013 – Voyage to the Planets

September 2013 –  The Crone

October 2013 – Hunting

November 2013 – Regent

December 2013 – Pay Day


January 2014 – Mercury

February 2014 – Barrow Door

March 2014 – Another Walk

April 2014 – Relay

May 2014 – Yogic

June 2014 – Them Apples

July 2014 – The Way Out

August 2014 – Junk Yard

September 2014 – Orange

October 2014 – Paint the Town Red

November 2014 – Midnight Freight

December 2014 – Shaman


January 2015 – Beneath a Square Sun

February 2015 – End of the Line


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