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High Adventure

I spent this weekend in the wilds of deepest, darkest Essex. A place which I like to think of as more or less perfectly fitting the bill of the anti-north. I was renewing acquaintances with an old friend of mine. There had been a forecast of snow, but when Saturday morning finally rolled around I did not expect to find it lying so thick and heavy. All plans to go or to do were abandoned as we found ourselves housebound. Not so much due to an inability to leave the house, but through the plain common sense that perhaps driving anywhere that day might not actually be very near the top of a list titled “Clever Things To Do.” Gravitating to the kitchen, as all right-thinking folk do, we quickly found ourselves embroiled in a tale of high adventure, with epic quests and feats of daring do as we set out the reshape the world with our deeds.

The Atlantean Kingdoms

Behold! The Hinterlands of the Atlantean Kingdoms

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This Post is not About Snow

Although there is a fair dusting of it about. Believe me, it’s take every fibre of my being to restrain my natural English desire to talk about the weather. I mean look at it! There’s just so much of it. So much weather. Everywhere. Let us just accept that snow has occurred and as always, it has been a divisive issue. I come to you today to talk to you about another matter entirely. For this weekend I did something which could possibly be considered terminally inadvisable. I went onto the Book of Faces and I made a page for the blog. Because that’s what people apparently do these days.


Facebook cares not for the capitalisation of proper nouns.

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