Concerning Me, Myself and I

“The Rogue Verbumancer fights the unnamed horrors that lurk in the dark and forgotten corners of the world with an arsenal of metaphors and a sizzling salvo of grammar, unconstrained by the shackles of literary convention nor the weight of textual responsibility. He answers to no dictionary nor pays heed to any thesaurus. He is above and beyond what men call mere ‘words’. Wielding the might of ancient verbumancy like a sword made of stars he sits astride his chariot of dreams and hurtles into the void to protect us all.”

The Rogue Verbumancer lives at the heart of a grim and blasted heath (Berkshire), forsaken and betrayed (he moved out) by his once mighty disciples (some dirty, filthy, rotten students) he lives alone with his loyal familiars (two goldfish).

In the cold, harsh light of reality The Rogue Verbumancer is a man called John; a chemistry graduate consumed by the demons of apathy and disinterest. He likes tea and cheese. He sleeps less than he should.

Sometimes he writes things. Most of the time they’re not very good.

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