This Post is not About Snow

Although there is a fair dusting of it about. Believe me, it’s take every fibre of my being to restrain my natural English desire to talk about the weather. I mean look at it! There’s just so much of it. So much weather. Everywhere. Let us just accept that snow has occurred and as always, it has been a divisive issue. I come to you today to talk to you about another matter entirely. For this weekend I did something which could possibly be considered terminally inadvisable. I went onto the Book of Faces and I made a page for the blog. Because that’s what people apparently do these days.


Facebook cares not for the capitalisation of proper nouns.

I myself am not a huge user of the Book of Faces, preferring to air my mental excreta by means of the twitterverse. For me facebook is primarily a means by which I discover just how many of the people I knew from school are getting married and pumping out squealing flesh-babies by the dozen. I do however recognise the fact that there are people who use facebook a lot and for purposes other than a niche forms of social masochism. So people also find the myriad of updates on feeds here their and everywhere sometimes get swallowed by the cyber-aether. So now there’ll be a nice, vaguely easy to use collection of all things blog related.

This is by far the most exciting thing I’ve done all weekend. Not even nearly falling over on the ice while going to buy milk can come close to this. What it lacks in the inelegant flailing of arms it more that makes up for in terms of numbers. I’ve got a whole seven likes already. Seven! It’s enough to make a grown man go weak at the knees. I may as well just shut up shop now. I’m never even going to come close to such dizzying heights of success ever again!

Gratuitous sarcasm aside, be a dear and hit the like button will you? It will make me feel slightly loved and ease the crushing weight of existential terror that is my continued existence.

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