The Reliquary

So here we are at the end of January, another month pissed away into the onrushing winds of merciless time. Time is such a dick sometimes, strutting around like it owns the place. Abstract concepts, eh? They’re bastards the lot of them. My futile struggles against the crushing inevitability of existence aside, it also means that it’s time to draw another instalment of the Pictonaut Challenge challenge to a close. So there’s a lining to this cloud. Whether it’s a lining of silver or a lining of a slightly less shitty brown on a wallowy, brown cloud of shit depends entirely on your point of view. Either way, you cannot begrudge my claim that there is, at the very least, some sort of lining.

So then, The Reliquary? What did you make of it?

I’m going to be honest with you. I still have no actual idea what the strange structure that I’ve dubbed The Reliquary actually is. All I know is that it’s probably something vaguely nautical, that nugget of knowledge being derived simply from where I found it. It sits at the mouth of the River Blyth up in the wilds of northern England. The Port of Blyth still manages to keep its head above water (yes that was a nautical pun, do not forgive me for it) even though the rest of the area and surrounding towns have are still suffering from a case of what economists and social theorists probably call “everything sort of going a bit wrong.”

Once again I’m not entirely satisfied with what I wrote, another idea which I had immense difficulty getting out onto the page. Nor do I think I got the techno/cyber-punk vibe I wanted to. But I tried and that’s good enough really. Practice makes perfect they say, unless they lied. That would be a bit of a dick move. And who are they anyway? But I digress.

At the time of writing there are technically only two wordascopes this month. The stalwart Andrew of the Blair wrote something this month and he liked it, perhaps he liked it a bit too much. He went and entered it into a competition you see, so we don’t get to read it. Feel inspired!

Ali George – A light-hearted tale with sailors

The Rogue Verbumancer – Man in a box with a big blue light

Remember to check back tomorrow for Pictonauts February!

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