August’s Pictonaut Challenge

So we’ve finally found our way into the month of August. August is a funny month, but then again all months are funny in one way of t’other. In this instance it’s not that August can be used as an adjective, placing it into a very small category of English words who’s meaning changes when capitalised or not. For me the funniness of August derives, like so many things in my own twisted world view, from the weather. August in England sits awkwardly between summer and autumn and never seems to be quite content on remaining in one category or the other. It swings from vast, mind blisteringly hot Indian summers one year to icy gales and torrential, autumnal rain the next. It’s over the middle hump of the year and August is so often the month that shows us just how shallow or steep the slope down towards winter is. Now it’s probably best that I dispense with the painful highlighting of my Englishness through to endless discussion of the weather and get to the mater at hand. August’s Pictonaut Challenge.

The vast majority of pictures that I’ve posted up for the Pictonaut Challenge have had a distinctly fantastical bent to them, be it of the high or scientific variety.  Of all the pictures before this one that of The Reliquary was something that was grounded in the real world and that spawned some wordascopes dripping in the whimsical and fantastical. This month’s picture is an attempt to try and get you all to produce something of a more realistic nature. Something more akin to the beast that is literary fiction. I expect us all to fail. The picture itself was originally from the website for the New York Post’s “A week in pictures” feature from sometime in mid-2011 and was taken somewhere in India. I’ll be using its originally tittle as the name for this month’s wordascopes, the deep and philosophical sounding A Man Drinks Tea.

So with the picture at our disposal let’s fill up our flasks with piping hot wonder, hop on the bicycled of artistic endeavour and start pedalling down the road towards Imagination Town.

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A chemistry graduate consumed by the demons of apathy and disinterest. Likes tea and cheese. Sleeps less than he should. View all posts by The Rogue Verbumancer

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