Onslaught II: The Soul Crushing Apathy

Oh how much of a difference a week makes. What had been a fairly mundane demand of 1667 words a day has now become an uphill struggle, a real slog through a treacley sea of shitty words.

I’m still on the NaNo wagon for now, but how much longer I can hang on I’m not entirely sure. I’d say I’m getting pretty close to burn out. Which would be slightly frustrating, especially with about 31,500 words under my belt. I thought at passing 25k I was over the hump and it’d be a nice downhill slope to the finish line. Nope, turns out it was just a slight flattening before another big hill. Arse.

Keeping focused is starting to get a bit tricky too. I’m starting to feel a little bored with the whole writing thing, which is understandable considering just how much I’ve done in the past fortnight. This morning for example I was planning on getting a nice early start and belting out some words. Instead I spent nearly 2 hours watching the Yogscast on YouTube. Humorous though it was, productive it was not. And now I’m going to lose myself to an hour of lunch time laziness and telly-boxen. My average word count for this week has been a lot lower too. As you can see by my FANTASTIC GRAPHS. (I like graphs, the one on the NaNo website alone was not enough). Last Saturday I belted out over 5k in about three hours of proper writing, yesterday? A measly 2.5k from THE ENTIRE DAY. Today looks likely to follow a similar pattern.

I think Wednesday night will be a real test as it will be the first night of writing after missing one due to work based commitments.

I’ve written some right old trip in the last week too. There have been a few really gems though, which I shall no post, along with the continuing historic misquotes, for your perusal.

Chapter 4Please Stand Clear of the Doors

 “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” – Suleiman the Magnificent

“It’s play or get played. That simple.”

Chapter 5 – Tea and Crumpets

 “Not sure if humanity is trollin’ or just stupid…”Xh’ th’nk ‘Zil’qa (approximate translation of report to the Hn’xi Hive on making first contact)

“And what exactly is an ‘internet’ anyway?”

Chapter 6– Prep for Launch

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. That and spiders.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Seriously, I fucking hate spiders. They give me the creeps.”

Chapter 7 – King Pawn Four

“Confucius, he do say: When in doubt, lie, and hope no one notices.” Magic Steve Confucius

“If they notice? Stab the fuckers; no witnesses. QED.”

I’ve found that the character of Florence Nightingale has rapidly run away from me and she has devolved into a complete psycho.

“Now then Dave. Do you want the big needle? Or the really fucking big needle?” Flo enquired with a mad gleam in her eyes.

Of all the things I’ve ever written this is likely one of my favourite pieces.

“It’s going to be like MC Caesar and the Electro-Tyrrany all over again” Brunel sighed. Sir Chevale nodded sagely

            “Or Blind Emperor Willy and his Funk-Oppression.”

Dave looked on bemused as if they were making a joke at his expense.

            “I suppose there was a Kaiser Mix-a-lot with his beat-box genocide too?” he said with a dismissive snort. Both Sir Cheval and Brunel snapped their eyes to him, eyes filled with contained anger and perhaps even fear.

            “Don’t even joke about that.” The two of them said together in almost perfect unison.

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