October 2014 – Paint the Town Red

an you smell it? That charnel scent blowing down from the fells, it leaves a foul and acrid taste in the back of your mouth. A taste like bile and rising gorge; a taste like fear. But only like fear. This doesn’t taste like fear. You know fear, all humans know fear. It is hard-wired into the most primal and bestial parts of our being. Fear is something we can live with. Fear keeps us sharp, it keeps us ready, it keeps us alive. But this? This is something else. It is something older. It is a thing which was ancient long before we came down from the trees. It was antiquated even before legless fish dragged their bellies across the mud of the shore. It is something beyond primeval. It is a thing primordial. Beyond our understanding, we experience only echoes of it, we feel only hints of its being. But that is enough, we know to beware. For this month it rises from the sleep of ages. Just when the skin between this world and the next is at its thinnest, it sallies forth, snaking its tendrils into reality and so it goes about its dark and eldritch purpose.

Hallowe’en is coming…

38 - Oct 2014 - Paint the Town Red

This month’s image is once again one of those unsourced and unattributed gems I found on tumblr. I scoured archives and google for hours trying to find a source, but to no avail. I do vaguely recall that it was in a set with a few other similarly coloured images. The vivid red colouring and eerie whites being the result of using infra-red photography and a, now discontinued, IR sensitive film produced by Kodak. The results give chilling, almost dreamlike landscapes that feel the same, yet unnervingly different

The Rogue Verbumancer – Nothing good follows the arrival of a corvid

The Mick – Dance, Devil. Dance!

James Clayton – The Phantom Pains of Duane Jenkins. <Edit: Added 13th Jan 2015>

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