Faces in the Woods

So that’s February done and dusted then. Today’s post is coming to you from that strange a magical leap day that tacks itself to the end of February every four years. A place of wonder, mystery and Gregorian convenience. For me, at least, February has not been a month conducive to much writing. I do most of my writing on lazy weekends, sitting in my jim-jams, in front of a computer, drinking tea and slowly tapping out the odd word here and there. There were scant few such weekends this month. I’ve been off on a series of mini-adventures, gallivanting off into London to sample the musical styling of a German metal band and then a jaunt back to my quaint former home of Nottingham for a good old dinner and booze-up. The latter left me a little drained. I took Monday off from work planning to finish off this month’s wordascope in a blizzard of frenzied activity. Instead I spent the whole day sprawled on the sofa trying to work out if I was feeling sick or just really hungry. I eventually concluded it was a bit of both, although it was not so much “gut-rot” as it was, perhaps “gut-mould.” Any time in the evenings over the last few weeks was rapidly devoured by odd bits and bobs like cooking, and more recently work. Specifically defining my goals for the coming year in the strange and alien language of Managerial Moonspeak.

Although I feel as if I’ve made very little progress writing-wise this month my computer seems to disagree. There’s a file sitting snugly on my hard-drive that seems to contain about 2000 words, I’m not entirely sure how that happened. Can’t really complain about something like that can I?

Since the picture for this month had quite a heavy fantasy theme I decided I may as well try and hash out another of the Trials and Adventures of Mister Callis Esquire (Facilitator of Circumstance, Murderer, Arsonist, All-round bad man). It lacks the all round grim-dark, murderousness of previous pieces and once again, very heavy on the dialogue. I’ve tried to give a little further insight into the mind of Callis, specifically this older, more weary version of him. Whether I succeeded or failed is a matter for debate. The ending was a bit rushed, being hashed out over fifteen minutes yesterday lunchtime while at work and then in lulls while making dinner last night. I had a scene planned with the actual appearance of the eponymous “Faces in the Woods” but I never reached it. Considering how much I’d already spewed out and how close I was to the end of February I just wrapped it up where I did. I can always go back and finish it off another day.

At the time of writing my wordascope is the only one I can offer you. Ali’s spent the month frantically editing one of the stories she did for “12 books 12 months” so it can be entered in a competition. You have permission to be inspired. While Andrew von Blair (of the New Blairington Blairs) once again wrote a wordascope but has kept it to himself so he can enter it into another competition, making it the second month on the trot that he’s done so. You once again have permission to be inspired.

So in lieu of anything else to say I’ll leave you with my wretched work of whimsy.

The Rogue Verbumancer – Mister Callis goes for a Jaunt in the woods

But lo, what be this? Scant seconds before I went to hit the big blue publish button Ali has revealed that she has indeed written a wrodascope this month. That girl is a machine! A (possibly nefarious) robot sent from the far future to write a whole heap of things.

Ali George – Basically, trees are dicks

Remember to pop back tomorrow for March’s Pictonaut Challenge.

Edit: At the start of April I received a slightly belated entry

Tonks – Falling into fantasy

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