March’s Pictonaut Challenge

So here we are again. The start of another month and time for more wordascope based shenanigans. We find ourselves in March today, a month I generally feel signals the start of Spring. Spring’s all right I suppose. There will however be no pictures based on, nor tangentially related to: bunnies, eggs, flowers or a seemingly all right chap getting nailed to a big tree because some Romans got drunk and thought it’d be “a right laugh”. As most gamers know there are more important things happening this month.

It was quite clear that last month’s picture had quite a heavy fantasy feel to it. I thought it only fair that this month I should swing to the other end of the spectrum and throw out something distinctly more sci-fi in nature. There is also another reason for this. March 6th finally sees the release of Mass Effect 3 a sci-fi computer game which I am rather looking forward to playing. It’s an action-RPG affair with a storyline that has enthralled millions, some folk on the internet have even gone so far as to call it “The most important science-fiction universe of our generation.” Like Skyrim it also involves everything going horribly pear-shaped because of the appearance of a vast, all-powerful, malevolent entity. While Skyrim had dragons, Mass Effect has evil, robotic, space-cuttlefish (and no, I am not joking in the slightest); adventure and heroism of a sort then follow. Needless to say writing will suffer to some extent.

This month’s picture is a collaborative work between a Chris Cold and a young German artist by the name of Tobias Roetsch; another treasure unearthed in my blind and purposeless stumblings across the desolate bad-lands of the cyber-realm. I find this image to be slightly haunting, to me it conveys a sense of terrible loneliness and vulnerability. The sort of loneliness and vulnerability you could only ever find in the great void of space. I’m making a worrying and frankly terrifying break from tradition, I’m going to use the picture’s actual title as the name for this month’s wordascope. It’s called “Any Direction.” A name as haunting as the image itself.

So with the picture at our disposal let’s fire-up the imagination engines, lock the idea coordinates into the fiction computer and prepare to make the jump to fiction speed.



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