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As you may or may not know, I am from the North. Specifically the windswept and rainy coasts of Northumberland, England; a place that, I am wont to remind people, is north of the wall. It’s a fuzzy and grey place that isn’t quite Scotland, but isn’t quite England either; it’s a county that the rest of England tends to forget. A lot of people don’t really think there’s anything north of Newcastle other than a vast expanse of nothingness, they’re not far wrong either. There isn’t anything that could be even remotely described as a city and the largest town has a population of just shy of forty thousand. The population density (as I have mentioned before) is only 160 people per square mile, making it the most sparsely populated place in England and forever meaning it plays second fiddle to its neighbouring sibling of Tyne and Wear. You may be wondering where exactly I’m going with this. Being from Northumberland very much defines who and what I am. The things is though, it never used to. Continue reading