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This Blog Needs You

Well perhaps need is too strong a word, perhaps “would actually rather like your assistance” is more apt. It is my understanding that to become internet famous you need to reach out to your readership, make them feel involved, engage with them. That or have tits. Without the required secondary X chromosome for the latter I’ve decided that it would be more prudent to attempt the former. Continue reading

The Source

Ideas, when you get right down to it, are bastards. Without them any artistic venture simply cannot get off the ground. Without an idea what do you write about? What do you paint? Not only do you have to start somewhere, but you’ve also got to actually go somewhere. Without an idea you’ll just end up sitting at your desk twiddling your thumbs and resisting the urge to trawl the sordid nether regions of the internet. But as I said ideas are bastards; they are things of whimsy and caprice. They’re not something that can just be summoned or called upon at a moments notice. Ideas aren’t something you can simply manufacture, trying to is equivalent to a blacksmith trying to hammer a sword out of the wind. A good proper idea is a rare gem, something forged in the bowels of the earth of countless millennia, something which you’ll have to shift a metric fuck-ton of shit just to get to.

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