November’s Pictonaut Challenge

The ghost have been blown away on the wind, the bats are back in their roosts, the vampires are safely stowed away in their coffins and the skellingtons have been packed back into their closets. Now it is November, a time of flame, fireworks and dangerously large amounts of writing. Yes, once again NaNoWriMo rears its bestial and hoary head from the wordy loam in which it has slumbered. It has let outs its keening howl to call writers to arms. It is a call which I have once again responded with: “No! Not again! You can’t make me!” Once is enough. I turned my will upon the task and triumphed once. never again, I am not strong enough to survive another attempt and the looming spectre of possible failure.

That is not to say I won’t be writing in November, I am always writing. It is required. It is mandatory. The Pictonaut Challenge is so much easier to manage, and requires a much, much smaller investment of time. Should you feel that NaNoWriMo might be just a little bit too arduous a task, then you should join me, join me in exploring the wonders and mysteries of “Midnight Freight.

39 - Nov 2014 - Midnight Freight

This month’s image is by Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag, and is titled “Gaussfraktarna.” Stålenhag’s work tends to focus around robots, mechs and dinosaurs combined with the everyday, giving charming pieces which make these wonders look commonplace and almost ordinary.

We have two people meeting in a dimly lit car park, against the back drop of a distant city and three massive hover-ships. Does it put you in mind of a clandestine conspiracy? Or do you wonder what cargo those ships carry? Are you filled with thoughts of friendships and the minutiae of socialising? Or is your eye drawn to the back of what looks like an old Saab 900? There are many opportunities, many angles.

 If you’re still wondering what this Pictonaut Challenge is all about, it’s frighteningly simple: You write a 1,000 word (ish) short story (or wordascope) based on the image above. You’ve got a whole month to do it. Then, at the end of the month, I share round the links to everyone’s stories and we all have a good read. It’s simple, straightforward, and pretty easy.

Go on, give it a bash. How hard can it be?

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