Junk Yard

I come to you from a suspicious place of bright and warmth amidst a sea of lashing rain and skies of battleship grey (which is not a great colour to paint your walls.) Perhaps it might even be the last hurrah of summer before autumn finally trundles into town. But then again the weather is nothing if not contrary and fickle, it is an unpredictable beast, almost as if it is caused by the interaction of a complex series of ever-changing factors. That of course is ridiculous. Everyone knows that weather is caused by the wizard who lives atop your nearest mountain.

But as ever, I digress. I digress like unto a boss whose sole and single purview in life is and will always be digressing. To the matter at hand: Short stories. Short stories about a Junk Yard, based on the work of Kali Ciesemier.

36 - Aug 2014 - Junk Yard

This month’s wordascope got put on the back-burner for the majority of this month. Though on reflection that is misleading, back-burner implies I started it and then went and did something else, when in truth I (once again) didn’t start it until a few days ago and rattled off the last couple of paragraphs in a haze of panic less than 30 minutes ago. Most of my writing time and energy this month was consumed by writing The Tyrant’s Shade and wrapping up The Working Barbarian for now. Fun though it is, it proves to be a massive drain on my creative energies and wrangling contributors and putting everything together is not really my forte.

I originally had bigger plans for my wordascope this month, I planned to explore my original idea a lot more, have characters and something resembling an actual story. Then I realised I was 700 words in with less than a day of writing time left and that I wasn’t going to be able to pull it off. So I phoned it in a bit. So my wordascope resembles more of a fluff or flavour piece for something bigger. Though not terrible, it is only a facet of what it could potentially have been. But such is life. It’s still writing, it’s still another notch in the win column and another challenge bested. So it’s a win, even if it feels like a hollow one.

The Rogue Verbumancer – The myths of the Great Yard of the Junk Barrens

The Mick – Rise, rise, rise.

James Clayton – The Death of Earth Patrol <Edit: Added 4th Jan 2014>

Remember to check back tomorrow for the start of September’s Pictonaut Challenge!

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