November ends. It ends with the sound of buzzing razors and clattering keyboards.  It ends with the sudden realisation that no one looks good in a moustache. It ends with the realisation that perhaps spending a whole month writing 50,000 words wasn’t the best use of your time. The end of November is a time of shames and regrets laid bare. A time of rising panic and encroaching festive malice. The end of November is not a lot of fun. But I am here to ease your woes and salve your hurts with another batch of wordascopes.

27 - Nov 2013 - Regent (Dishonoured)

This month’s wordascopes are in a similar vein, both revolving around one man’s rule. Neither of the imaginings are of particularly nice people. My wordascope was once again a little bit rushed, I only finished it at about 11pm last night. One of these days I’ll develop some decent time management skills. I am however reasonably satisfied with it. Though the specific words could probably do with a bit of a spit polish, I think the overall structure of it all is fairly solid. I like it’s symmetry.

James Clayton – The Iron Count

The Rogue Verbumancer – Caladax the Red

A week and a bit into December “The Mick” made a late, but thoroughly worth while showing

The Mick – Empires!

Remember to check back tomorrow for the start of December’s Pictonaut Challenge!

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