The Fear is Dead

Last week saw me more or less soiling myself with abject artistic terror. I’d just started a new project and was somewhat concerned as to what its reception would be. This fear however seems to have been largely unfounded. The fear is dead. I killed it. My hands are slicked with its horror-blood, my shirt stained with its nightmare-fluids and my boots caked with lumps of its panic-offal. So yeah. That’s a weight off my mind.

Jala daughter of Quyren

The Working Barbarian has thus far received a respectable 124 hits in the last week and the inaugural poll received a healthy 30 votes. That’s about 25 more than I originally expected to get. The cherry on top is the fact that, as of yet, I haven’t received a single comment saying “You are shit. Please vacate the internet immediately.” I’m quite pleased by the outcome of the poll as, if nothing else, it’ll make the entire thing a little bit different.

Now I’ve got about a week to knock together between 500 and 1,000 words introducing Jala daughter of Quyren the eponymous “Working Barbarian.” How hard can that be? It’s only a target which I normally set aside a month to hit. And I’ve only got to retain the interest of those who’ve already voted and/or read the beginning. Oh dear. I can feel the fear coming back…

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