September 2011 – Grenade in the Rain

I found it while trawling the internet sometime in January. An image by an artist called Marek Okon. I refer to it as Grenade in the Rain. It is one of the most heart wrenching images I’ve ever seen. There’s something so unspeakably tragic about it.

Here follows the works of those brave souls who sallied forth into the untamed sea of the internet to proclaim themselves Pictonauts!

Andrew Blair A love story with a bit of a twist and a character named after me, Mr Blair can also be found on twitter at @aagb1884

Dawn HazleA heart-wrenching tale of loss in post-apocalyptic Britain.

The Rogue VerbumancerA tale of a man pushed too far. (This is me by the way, in case that wasn’t obvious)

Ali George – A girl and her brother change the world.

The original blog post responsible for spawning this rampant frivolity can be found here: This Blog Needs You! and the post where the entries were originally collated, here: Grenade in the Rain

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