March 2014 – Another Walk

March has finally rolled around and with it comes the first month of spring. We find ourselves with winter at our backs (at least in theory) and move onward into the promise of warm breezes and clear skies, or at the very least, slightly warmer rain. Spring is a time of new beginnings as the world awakens from its slumber, flowers spring into bloom, trees throw on a new coat of leaves and bird song fills the air. With daylight growing ever longer with each passing day there world seems so much more vital and real, as if everything we knew and saw in winter was a slightly fuzzy photograph; a slideshow of frozen moments in time. It makes you want to go outside and just be.

Last March we went for a walk. It’s good to get outside and feel the world beneath your feet, to stretch your legs and set out to see just where the road will take you. I think we should all go for Another Walk.

31 - Mar 2014 - Another Walk

This month’s image is the work of a photographer I found on tumblr by the name of Pournoirr, by the looks of it they’re a big fan of stark black and white contrasts. It oozes an intangible sense of drama and anticipation. I’ve also been looking for a convenient excuse to write about Wet Geoff and her Newspapermen again.

James Clayton – Black Bella Donna

A-Scribe to Describe – Wages of Sin

The Rogue Verbumancer – Goods for Services – A sequel to Going for a Walk

The Mick – I take another walk


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