April 2014 – Relay

I sit here in a shattered throne of synthetic leather. The inside of my mouth tastes like something has recently died in it, only to be brought back from beyond the veil that hides that undiscovered country, only to then die again. Judging by taste alone this has probably happened many, many times. I sit here in a shattered throne of grey foam. My hip is still assailed by a strange and nebulous pain that remains undiagnosed, my supply of prescription pain killers has now run out and I contemplating the feasibility of using a plastic ruler to perform an impromptu amputation. So I sit upon my shattered throne. The haunting strains of Mike Oldfield’s Hergest Ridge are the only thing separating me from the deep, syrupy seas of madness. My hayfever has started drawing up some very intricate plans to kill my by drowning me in my own mucus. This all puts paid to my ingenious April Fool’s day plan to pretend to be a robot sent from the future to post poor quality fiction on some dark and forgotten corner of cyberspace. So instead here is a picture of something futuristic and vaguely robot like. It’s called Relay. Beep-boop you bastards, beep-fucking-boop.

32 - Apr 2014 - Relay - Steve Renn

This month’s picture is the work of Steven Renn and I found the image on Warren Ellis’ website sometime in the Dark Times of 2011. Mister Renn drew the image as a take on the phrase “high priest of high-tech.” It evokes a variety of science fiction-esque themes, as well of those of coterminous sub-genres like the punks both cyber and steam, with a possible soupçon of hard-fi (not the band.) Admittedly our last dose of something ostensibly science-fiction was only in January, but this is my show and I make the rules! (I do not make the rules. I have no idea what I am doing. I am trapped against my will. Send help. Send. Help.)

James Clayton – Blissful Existence Beneath the Meru Mountain Complex, Brought to You By Moksha-Co. International

A-Scribe to Describe – High Priest of High Tech

The Rogue Verbumancer – Knowledge is power

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