April 2013 – Office Warfare

This post is arriving after noon so as to avoid the plethora of April Fools related shenanigans and totally not because I popped out to buy milk. The start of April is always a bit silly, hell the entire month is a bit silly. It rolls up declaring “Look! It’s definitely spring now! The weather is going to be so much better now!” And then it promptly tips it down for nearly the entire month. April is a month of lies and absurdity. Last Year I picked a fairly bizarre image for April’s Pictonaut Challenge, so I decided to stay in a similar vein this year. Combine this with the fact that today is one of the UK’s scant few public holidays, that means tomorrow the vast majority of us are back to work. So in keeping with that, and a desire for general absurdity we have Office Warfare.Office Warfare - Rhys Owens

The image in question is by Welsh artist and illustrator Rhys Owens of Hidden Moves. So we’ve got a big cat in a helmet, wearing aviators, a tie and smoking a cheeky cigarette. I’d say it definitely fits the bill on the absurdity front. I’m personally getting a very strong Full Metal Jacket vibe from it, which I suppose is hardly surprising. Mind you, that was also a fairly absurd film. Horrifying, but also absurd. But I digress. I digress like unto a boss.

I suspect I don’t have to remind the handful of people reading this how things work by now, you’ve seen this all before, you’re old hands at this. But in the unlikely event that some poor and maligned interneter (definitely a word) stumbles unwittingly upon this post the poorly defined guidelines are as follows:

1 picture, 1 short story, 1 month, 1000 words.

Now show me your writing face soldier! I said show me your writing face!


James Clayton – To Battle with the Big Cat

The Rogue Verbumancer – Presentation Day

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