It’s time to shut it down, pack it up and box it away. 2014 is done and finished. Christmas is over and there remains only the hurdle of new year’s eve before it is finally over. For better or worse, 2014 happened. There were highs and there were lows. But regardless of a geopolitical shitstorm(s) threatening to swallow us all, I remain resolutely alive. Any day above ground is a good day. I have recently returned from a brief sojourn to the frozen north and once again masterfully avoided the yearly rail meltdown. December has left me tired, strung-out and worn-down. Because that is how December rolls. Yet despite this, there is as always, stories to be told.

40 - Dec 2014 - Shaman

Writing took a bit of a back seat this month (surprise, surprise) with the week before Christmas being lost to a combination of television and the addictive majesty of Dragon Age Inquisition. Seriously, I racked up over 55 hours. It’s ridiculous. Then I was visiting the family which did not give me much in the way of opportunities to write. So that left me with yesterday. Somehow I actually managed to resist the lure of internet based procrastination and actually managed to get something done. 1,500 words worth of something, something which I actually quite like, even if it did feel like I was stitching together a patchwork of fragments and snippets like I was making some hideous literary Frankenstein’s Monster.

My wordascope for this month is a sequel to May 2014’s piece “Yogic – Day of the Leap” and once again has the same strange, vague sci-fi undertones which I so enjoyed writing the first time round. I hope you all have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

The Rogue Verbumancer – There will come a traveller

A Scribe to Describe – Ascension

Tonks‘ – An oath, fulfilled

James Clayton – Restless Spirit <Edit: Added 20th Jan 2015>

Check back tomorrow for the start of January 2015’s Pictonaut Challenge!

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