Them Apples

So the weather eh? We’ve been having so much of it haven’t we? All that vast and oppressive heat thundering across the void of space to bathe our fair globe in its radiance and brown our pale and pallid man flesh (or is that just me?) And interspersed with the assault from our parent star there has been rain, great torrents of it being vomited forth from clouds heavy and gravid with sky juice. Oh and this week I deemed the weather pleasant enough to start wearing shorts again. You have been warned. Gather your loved ones, say goodbye to your friends and flee immediately.

But that’s enough preamble for today, I have no doubt that you grow weary of inane chatter and insufferable small-talk. So I should probably get onto the stories.

34 - June 2014 - Them Apples

First off I must come clean. I wrote something that could be considered to be “happy” perhaps even “upbeat.” This is a drastic departure from form and subsequently I feel a little scared. I mean, when was the last time I wrote something happy for the pictonaut challenge? (Mid-21012, that’s when, I went and checked.) And then Sam and Tonks went and wrote about ghouls and evil queens. So me, of all people, is flying the flag for happiness. Expect fire to rain from the sky, rivers to turn the blood, you know, apocalypse stuff.

Sam Kurd – A ghoul’s got to eat

Lady Brunhilda von Tonksington-Smythe – Everyone knows the story of Snow White

The Rogue Verbumancer – The generosity of the poor

The Mick – Forbiddon!

James Clayton – Not a Royal Gala: a King Charles III Tragedy

Remember to check back tomorrow for the start of July’s Pictonaut Challenge

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