Yet another month evaporates away like mist on a late spring morning. The great and titanic majesty of summer begins to stir itself from its slumber, serpentine coils sliding and uncoiling. It readies itself to strike, be it with sun-fire or unending rain, Summer is a fickle beast and we are never sure with which weapon it will strike. Let’s face it, summer’s a bit of a dick. But on this day, the last before summer awakens I bring you stories. Tales of derring-do, of wonder and sorrow, tales of a place which is not here. Tales of a girl, standing on a mountain.

33 - May 2014 - Yogic

There is something of a perverse coincidence about this month’s image. During my visit to the physio last week I was informed that all my muscular woes could be a result of my hip being hypermobile. That is to say, it bends and twists in ways which man was not meant to know. Admittedly not quite to the extant of that young lady on the mountain top, but a strange parallel all the same. (Strange Parallel is the name of my geometry and Lovecraft themed prog band. Note: This band does not exist.)

Now with an imagine or a serene landscape and the tranquil pose of someone practising yoga, you’d think we’d be in for nothing but sunshine and lollipops this month. Were you to hold such a belief you would be wrong. So deeply, deeply wrong. Nor are they grounded in the safe and pleasant commonality of a normal world.

For a rare change I am pleased with what I wrote this month. Pleased. Pleased. Pleased. It’s such a rare occurrence that I’m expecting everyone to hate my wordascope with a fiery passion. But I like it, so I suppose that’s all that really matters. It brought me such joy working on it. It feels so vibrant, so very rich. It even wobbles across a few genre boundaries, leading to a vague fuzzy morass which I’m not quite sure which box I should put it in. It even weighs in at just under 2,000 words, so for once I haven’t been slacking. Mark it in your calendars everyone: 31st of May – the beginning of the end times.

For your delectation, here are this month’s stories:

James Clayton – Third one, not a charm

Tapdancing Lexicon – Inexplicable

The Rogue Verbumancer – Day of the Leap

Remember to check back tomorrow for the start of June’s Pictonaut Challenge!

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