Barrow Door

When last we met dear readers it was on a pleasantly sunny day. Being the suspicious sort that I am, I suspect that February was plotting something most heinous and most foul. Which as chance would have it, it was. As heinous and foul most assuredly describe the weather of the last month. Large portions of the country have been transformed so that they are no more a green and sceptred land. Now they’re more of a muddy brown and sort of squelchy. The boffins at the MET office claim that it is the wettest winter on record and I’m certainly not going to disagree. It is times such as this that I am glad to live nowhere near a body of water and be on the 1st floor. But as much as my genetic heritage compells me to talk at length about the weather I should probably get down to the business of short stories and tall tales.

30 - Feb 2014 - Barrow Door

February saw a rather unexpected turn of events, in that I managed to get my little wordascope out of the way within the first couple of weeks. The noble aim being that I would then be able to move onto other projects and clear a growing back log (Spoilers: That totally didn’t happen.) My effort this month is loosely based on my own experiences at the start of the month. My doctor sent me off up the the local hospital to make an offering of life-blood to our state-sanctioned vampyers to ensure that I was in fact, as I have long suspected, “Not dead.” Long story short, I got a little lost.

This month there’s a whole 4 wordascopes for you to read, something which hasn’t happened since last August. You should read them, it’s only polite.

James Clayton – What’s behind the door in the forest?

Nechama – Concerning Hobbits

The Rogue Verbumancer – Hospitals are odd

The Mick – Mud, Blood and Sweat

Remember to check back tomorrow for the start of March’s Pictonaut Challenge.

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