Voyage to the Planets

Months are oft wont to slip by without you noticing. August has basically evaporated. And considering the continued fair weather that’s hardly surprising. This spate of fair weather was interrupted by one event of note however. A rain storm which I had the misfortune to by cycling home in. A rain storm so fierce and mighty, of such raw unbridled power that it managed to more or less dissolve parts of my new trainers. It also made me very, very wet. Which, if you think about it, is pretty much rain’s raison d’etre. At least I think that happened this month. Time has a very annoying habit of just blurring together in my head, events become transposed across dates. Things which happened in 2006 still feel very much like “only last week.” Yet despite the alleged duality of time and space I have yet to find similar things happening with my own personal geography. There has been no finding myself in two places at once. Which is a shame, because that would be super handy.

Aug 2013 - Voyage to the Planets - Daren Horley

On the topic of duality this month has been in many ways been both spectacularly productive and woefully unproductive. I got lots of other things done, just not my wordascope. Not till last night anyway. Afterall I find nothing focuses the mind more than a blind, seat-of-the-pants panic. But in the end it got done, just like it always did, so I shouldn’t give myself to much grief over it. Even if it’s so rough around the edges that it’s likely to slice off a few fingers if you try to grab hold of it. Nor the fact that it’s very poorly executed. But perhaps I’m just biased. As I’ve said before I hate more or less everything I write, at least to start with. There’s 5 wordascopes this month, which is a nice healthy number. So read on, enjoy and get your fill of sci-fi based goodness.

Dawn – For the Love of Hydrogen

James Clayton – Pegasus Faces Planet Chimera

Sam – The Planet Business

The Rogue Verbumancer – A Solid Return

The Mick – The White Lies of the Pegasus

Remember to check back tomorrow for the start of September’s Pictonaut Challenge.

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