Music Box

I have spent the last few weeks stewing in a soup of my own stress. A relentless assault of bills, complications, inconveniences, irritations and down right vexation. It has not been a good month in that respect. But there is always tomorrow and there is always music. My days have been balmed by the electro tones of the Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. This was partnered with the mind-bending New Age soundscapes of Mike Oldfield’s Songs of Distant Earth. They have kept me within the tenuous boundaries of sanity. It is quite fitting considering the theme of this month. For how else do you listen to music if not through a Music Box.

21 - May 2013 - Music Box - Mike Kim (Sound)

My wordascope is once again rankling at me. I don’t like it. I had an idea, some sort of plan, but to me it just smacks of me throwing words into people’s face. There’s no real plot, no real thread, just the nucleus of an idea rattling around in an empty shell made of words. But some writing is better than no writing. So there we have it. It has some good bits, it has some bad bits. Been like most of this month really.

James Clayton – They were in my head…

The Rogue Verbumancer – Maximum WUB!

Remember to check back tomorrow for the start June’s Pictonaut Challenge.

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