A Place in the Country

Yet another month draws to a close and with it June’s Pictonaut Challenge. June has been a turbulent month, swinging seemingly without warning from blistering heat to torrential rain. Leaving myself and many others to suffer the eternal “coat dilemma.” The agonising decision as to whether you should take a coat when you leave the house, sure it looks fine now but what if it rains later? Or if the sky looks gloomy, but isn’t actually raining do you take the coat just in case and risk having to lug its dead weight about if it starts to brighten up. To add a particularly rotten cherry to the top of this middle-class dilemma I remain in an uncertain limbo as to my housing situation for next year. My lease technically expires in a mere seventeen days, the leasing agent has been dragging their feet for months over signing the new contract. Sure my landlady may have stated that she’s fine with me staying but she herself is under the looming shadow of uncertainty with potential unemployment and the none to implausible risk of mortgage foreclosure. So it’s all fun a games for me at the moment. All rainbows and fucking unicorns, prancing about shitting gumdrop bastard mountains.

But to the matter at hand. Pictonauts. This month we had Marcin Jakubowski’s incredibly grimly titled “Hunger After a Thousand Year Nap.” I only put the finishing touches to my wordascope this morning, just before lunch. It had languished half-finished for most of the month before I finally “got my shit together” and completed it. To me it seems a lot more light-hearted than my usual stuff, although not without a few little insertions of “grimness.” Ali’s wordascope is both significantly more whimsical and grim than mine, which is no bad thing.

Ali George – The place where the magpies live

The Rogue Verbumancer – The journey home

Remember to check back tomorrow for the start of July’s Pictonaut Challenge. Hopefully by then I’ll have some idea as to whether I need to dust off my tramp coat.

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