Riddle Me This

I’ve now been ploughing the turbulent skies and seas of the blogoshpere since late February. It has, by and large, been a journey that I have made in solitude. Recently I happened upon another stalwart adventurer who has been making bold journeys into the darkest corners or the blogosphere. Now to dispense with the flowery introduction and get to the point.

In deepest, darkest Scotland a young lady by the name of Ali George decided it would be a jolly smashing idea to write 12 books, in 12 months. It’s sort of a hardcore version of nanowrimo; a sort of task which makes quaint nanowrimo weep into its appletini with terror and envy. In a bid to encourage participation with her silent audience Ms George sought out the strange and mysterious people of twitter to ask of her questions about her writing and other associated topics.

This week she was answering questions from yours truly. (It’s shocking isn’t it? Me? Networking with internet writers. Expect to see my name in the Sunday Times’ Best-sellers list within the week) Since I’ve been polluting her blog with my idle musings it is only polite of me to direct my minuscule readership in her direction. It is a truly fascinating project that I’m sure people will tell tales of in years to come. Or at least would if more people actually knew about it.

I wish her luck in her mad venture and hope it bares some fruit. Even if the fruit is a bit on the small size and humorously shaped.

You can find the ongoing chronicles of her trials and tribulations at: 12 Books in 12 Months and @12books12months on the twitters.

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