Cometh the hour

Well Monday did not in fact see the release of SFFS’s Zine. It did not arrive on the shores of the internet until Wednesday. I felt slighted. I felt betrayed, stabbed in the back. Left behind to suffer at the hands of a monstrous horde. My rage was incandescent. And then I was given a biscuit for my efforts and the anger melted away on a breeze of chocolate and baked dough. That and I realised that being twos days late wasn’t all that bad and I was evidently over reacting. Sometimes the industrious  little gnome in my head likes to throw on a pair of tights and a ruff; turn the drama all the way up eleven, start yelling “verily” and “forsooth” and act the ever loving shit out of a situation. His elocution could do with some work though.

Anyway, I advise you to hunt out this Zine about Mr Callis and his shenanigans. It’s also worth having a read of my friend Sam’s story called “Jeremy”. The last line is quite the stroke of genius. Or at the very least bad punning.

Now I’ll leave you with a link and bid you good night. For as much as one might want to wish otherwise, the dread Minecraft is no substitute for food and sleep.

The Zine: Edition 3

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